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A crucible is a vessel used to hold metals for melting in a furnace and it’s demanded to repel the extreme temperatures encountered in melting metals. The crucibles material must have a much advanced melting point than that of the metals being melted and it must have good strength indeed when white hot.

Graphite crucible can repel the high temperature, and has good resistance to chemical attritions and thermal shock. Especially graphite crucibles is ideal for the melting of aluminum, bobby and other metals. Quartz crucibles has the advantages of high chastity, high temperature resistance, with big size, good thermal sequestration, economization on energy, quality stability etc.
Fused quartz crucibles are used in the manufacture of silicon metals for semiconductor wafer operations and polysilicon. In order to produce high quality wafers, starting accoutrements are added to a crucibles hotted to high temperatures and pulled from the melt as a single demitasse. Fused Quartz is one of the many accoutrements that can combine the high chastity and high temperature parcels needed for this process.

RK Impex offers graphite crucibles & Pottery (Quartz) crucibles in different sizes and types. Whenever you need crucibles, just feel free to communicate us, and we will reply you as quick as possible.


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